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Kúria Cabernet Franc 2007

„Deep vibrant ruby purple.  Intense and complex on the nose  – notes of raspberry, black tea and subtle vanilla.
Intense and concentrated on the palate, with fine fruit and deliciously
textured tannins, balanced acids, and a long finish.”

Caroline Gilby

Kúria line is Csaba Malatinszky’s super premium category which only consists of unfiltered high quality, specially picked bottles.

In the Malatinszky Organic Wine Estate fruit is picked by hand and selected for more than once to get rid of stalks, stems, branches or rotten pieces. This way it’s guaranteed that only the highest quality pieces are selected for making wines.

Wine is made entirely from free run juice, so pressing is not applied at all in case of these bottles. After fermentation only those tanks get the Kúria category that turn out the best at a final selection by Csaba Malatinszky.

According to Caroline Gilby Kúria Cabernet Franc 2007 has a deep vibrant ruby purple colour.  It’s intense and complex on the nose having notes of raspberry, black tea and subtle vanilla.
On the palate it’s intense and concentrated, with fine fruit, deliciously textured tannins, balanced acids, and a long finish.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 71,50