He is today considered one of the leading wine tasters and travels all over the world where he´s hired as a consultant, lecturer, educator, speaker, wine taster. He has a special affinity for the classical french vineyards, the new Bordeaux, the evolution in Spain, great Riesling, Sherry and Champagne. AL started his career as a chef in 1990 after graduating from restaurant school and worked active as a chef for several years. After some brief periods of combining the cuisine with playing Jazz music he decided to focus more on his interest for wine and the world of beverages. After a lot of travelling and studies AL got his sommelier diploma at “Restaurangakademien” in Stockholm 1999. After that hs been amongst other things the head sommelier of the renowned Swedish Restaurant Bon Lloc * Guide Michelin.

  • 2001 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • 2002 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • 2003 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • 2004 Best Sommelier of Europe (Trophée Ruinart)
  • 2005 Best Sommelier of Sweden
  • 2005 Wine international Sommelier
  • 2005 choosen by the Grand Jury Européen (GJE)
  • 2007 Best Sommelier of the World
  • 2008 Laureat of the Swedish Wine Academy Grand Prize
  • Andreas Larsson is currently the best Sommelier of the World
  • He is head Sommelier at Restaurant PM & Vänner in Sweden

Malatinszky Noblesse Chardonnay 2007
Generous nose, nutty with hints of hazelnuts, almonds and ripe citrus, distinct and dry palate, very rich with a bright freshness and mineral feeling, good lenght, a nice and individual wine with an approaching complexity.

Malatinszky Cabernet Franc 2006
Dark plum cherry and tobacco on the nose, still youthful and little closed, the palate is very concentrated with massive tannins, albeit not harsh nor aggressive, good structure and lenght, this still deserves some time but this is very fine material for ageing

Malatinszky Cabernoir 2006
Very elegant and Bordeaux – like nose with hints of dark berries, blackcurrant, sweet herbs and damp tobacco, the palate is rather medium-bodied but with an excellent density of fruit, well-rounded tannins, good lenght, nicely-made.