”Csaba Malatinszky’s veins must run with Cabernet Franc. He is obsessive about tending his vines and says his 30 hectares, farmed organically in Villány and Siklós since 2009, are as much as he’d ever want to own as that’ll he can manage himself without delegating. He was Hungary’s leading sommelier before turning to winemaking and his focus is balanced, complex reds, notably Cabernet Franc, which suits the Villány terroir so well. The flagship, unfiltered Kúria range always impresses, especially Cab Franc and Kövesföld (a single vineyard Bordeux blend), while his aromatic Serena white and refined Chardonnay are well worth trying.” – Caroline Gilby

Caroline Gilby


Jancis Robinson tasting notes

Jancis Robinson tasting notes

Jancis Mary Robinson OBE, MW is a British wine critic, journalist and editor of wine literature. She currently writes a weekly column for the Financial Times, and writes for her website She also provides advice for Queen Elizabeth II's wine cellar....

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Visiting the Malatinszky Winery in Villány, Hungary

Visiting the Malatinszky Winery in Villány, Hungary

OK, full disclosure here - in early July 2009 I went on a trip to Hungary to visit wineries in the south central part of the country (specifically in the regions of Villány and Szekszard). Although I had to pay for my own flights to and from the country, the rest of...

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Andreas Larsson – tasting notes

Andreas Larsson – tasting notes

He is today considered one of the leading wine tasters and travels all over the world where he´s hired as a consultant, lecturer, educator, speaker, wine taster. He has a special affinity for the classical french vineyards, the new Bordeaux, the evolution in Spain,...

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Tasting notes from Caroline Gilby

Tasting notes from Caroline Gilby

Caroline Gilby has been writing and talking about wine for over 12 years after a previous career working as senior wine buyer for Augustus Barnett. Several trips to Eastern Europe as wine buyer just after the Iron Curtain came down has developed into a special...

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Wine Tasting in our Press House near Máriagyűd

You are warmly welcome on our wine tastings! sherpa-TA-large

  • H-7818 Siklós-Máriagyűd
  •  GPS: 45°52′45.6″, 18°15′21.3″


Szuper Premium Tasting

Szuper Premium Tasting + Maghari

Tour de Franc Tasting

10 guest

9000 Ft/guest

13000 Ft/guest

15000 Ft/guest

9 guest

10000 Ft/guest

14445 Ft/guest

16667 Ft/guest

8 guest

11250 Ft/guest

16250 Ft/guest

18750 Ft/guest

7 guest

12858 Ft/guest

18570 Ft/guest

21429 Ft/guest

6 guest

15000 Ft/guest

21675 Ft/guest

25000 Ft/guest

5 guest

18000 Ft/guest

26000 Ft/guest

30000 Ft/guest

4 guest

22500 Ft/guest

23500 Ft/guest

37500 Ft/guest

3 guest

30000 Ft/guest

43335 Ft/guest

50000 Ft/guest

2 guest

45000 Ft/guest

65000 Ft/guest

75000 Ft/guest

Please note that the calculated tasting portion is 0,75 dl. Each bottle wine is enough for 10 people to taste. In case headcount is less than 10 the rest of the wine, which is included in the price certainly may be consumed or taken after the tasting.

Press House

Dinner menu offers

“I visited Csaba at his Preszhaz in July and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We were staying in the town of Villany, the cab ride was only about 10-15 minutes through the rolling hills of the region. Once we arrived we have a great spread of local cold cuts and homemade cottage cheese brought out to us. You sit outside amongst scenery that makes you feel like it can’t get much better than this.

I was with a group of 6 friends and we were a range from wino to beginner and each of us were blown away by the wines brought to us. Csaba really believes in the way he decides to produce his wine, and it shows in the finished product. The wine Malatinszky puts on the table offer complexity and depth that can stand up to the likes of France, Italy, California etc. In my humble opinion, the best he has to offer shows in his Cabernet Franc. Unlike other places in the world, Villany likes to showcase Cab Franc to stand on its own, rather than just be used in a blend. No where in the world can you experience Cabernet Franc like this than Villany, and nobody does it better than Csaba Malatinszky. For any wine enthusiast, you have to try it.

Csaba himself is a great host. He is funny, warm, and really takes the time to chat and get to know his guests while still taking the time to explain the process and the reasoning behind the way he makes his wine.

  • H-7818 Siklós-Máriagyűd
  •  GPS: 45°52′45.6″, 18°15′21.3″

Wine Tasting:

Guest Reception & Food service based on consultation.

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Tamás Tar

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