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Kúria Cabernet Franc 2008

„Very good colour, full black red, lots of flesh and really good purity of Cabernet Franc fruit, really great wine.”

Steven Spurrier

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 50

Signature Cabernet Franc 2018

It starts with a moderate-intensity ruby colour. High-pitched resonances of the fruity layers appear in its smell. The aromas’ foreshadowed-picture is in full harmony with wine’s on the palate The elegant and dash relation of the wine suggests food paring.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 12

Noblesse Cabernet Franc bio 2013

The colour starts as a deep ruby then leans into black. The wine has the aroma of forest fruits, coffee and cedar. Clean and sharp on the palate, represents quality unequivocally. Intensity is present and it augments until potential. Enjoyable aromas are lasting, you can feel the strength and the potency behind the silkiness.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 25

Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Friss és karakteres illatú, szájban elegánsan indít, majd gyorsan fejlődik ki az összetett ízkép.

Meglepően élénk, a fajta kitűnő reprezentánsa.

Hosszan tartó utóízében megjelenik a só és az ásványok.

Bruttó kiskereskedelmi ár: 3800 Ft

Noblesse Cabernet Sauvignon bio 2015

The year of 2015 brought an extraordinary vintage-year to Malatinszky Kuria Organic Wine Estate. The result of the endless sunshine and the work of the thoughtful winegrower is this Noblesse Cabernet Sauvignon. It was made from free run juice and aged in oaky barrel for 12 months. The wine represents all the beauty that we can expect from the varietal.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 22

Noblesse cabernet sauvignon bio 2015

Signature Chardonnay 2018

Chardonnay as a grape variety seems like a blank canvas stretched onto a frame by a painter to fill it up with colours from his own soul. Mr. Malatinszky, who is a connoisseur of the variety, transfers exciting colours onto his canvas, portraying and visualizing fragrances like peach, pear and pineapple. Starting with intense fruits, followed by richness of savour, it to becomes a complete tasting experience.

No doubt whether you have it alone or match it with food, Malatinszky’s Chardonnay is enthusiastic and enjoyable! Nice expression of the variety.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 10

Kúria Maghari (Methode Malatinszky) 2015

Csaba Malatinszky, the creator received a French Innovation Award for his creation.. The MÉTHODE MALATINSZKY is a vinification procedure with fermentation taking place in sealed oak barrels, which creates a quality tannin combination of the grapes and the oak – which is not possible to achieve by other methods. Although requiring a great effort, this creates a truly unique expression about which it can be said with confidence that the oenologist’s labour deserves a worthy reward. Its maturity is expected to be well over twenty years. 1341 bottles were made from our first vintage of 2015

Retail price: € 130

Noblesse Merlot bio 2013

The wine’s luminous purplish start foreshadows that it was made not only for a stroll, but for a long journey. Without wavering, its texture and intensity endures in its elegance. Its flavour is full of fruits, which is complimented by minerals and earthy tones. The wine is textured and composed by a unique composition of the variety of grape.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 22

Signature Muscat Ottonel 2016/2018

Its colour is green yellow. Its fruity aromas gently come loose with the fruity character of the grape. It is worth starting with a large sip so that the wine will touch our entire surface of our palate. Its dash and ease is fascinating! Rousingly pleasurable.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 10

Signature Rajnai Rizling Bio 2017/ 2019

A Signature rajnai úgy képes bemutatni az őt adó termőhelyet, hogy közben nem veszíti el saját egyéniségét. intenzív illata zöldalmához, grapefruithoz, őszibarackhoz, mézhez, rózsához és frissen vágott fűhöz hasonlítható, megjelennek benne a siklósi talaj minerális jegyei. Legyen az hal, sertés, vagy éppen fűszeres ázsiai étel, szinte mindegyikkel párosítható mert gazdag gyümölcsös aromákkal, valamint magas savtartalommal bír.

Vegan wine

Bruttó kiskereskedelmi ár: 5000 Ft

Signature Rozé 2020

Malatinszky a rozét is nagyon komolyan veszi. Élénk savak, finom, gyümölcsös aromák, nagy gazdagság ebben az organikus cabernet franc nedűben. Ízében piros bogyós gyümölcsök virgonckodnak. Frissességet már nem is lehet tovább fokozni, hűtsük le és adjuk át magunkat a varázsnak.

Bruttó kiskereskedelmi ár: 3500 Ft

Signature Sauvignon Blanc 2016/2018

The skin of the grapes was soaked before fermentation, the wine boasts a yellow straw colour. It requires a bit of a time for its aromas to ascend out of the glass. The wine expresses its gratitude for having been aired. The flavours of the grape appear on the palate along with the characteristics of the composition of the regional soil. Its long aftertaste ends with some saltiness. The wine makes no concession to gaudiness; therefore it is a very assertive representation of the variety; thus is the wine of connoisseurs.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 10

Noblesse Serena bio 2015

– Cahrdonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling –

This wine augments our expectations by its fruity fragrance, which is fulfilled later by taste as well. It is vibrant, exciting in mouth and indulges restlessly.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 13,5

Noblesse Chardonnay 2018 bio

“Overall, I was most impressed with the Chardonnay. Coming from the cooler climate of neighbouring Siklos, it displayed wonderful minerality, clean, elegant fruit, judicious use of oak and a fresh acidity.”
Robert Giorgione, Independent Wine Specialist

Vegan wine

Retail price: €25

Noblesse Rozé 2018 Battonage bio

The grape was harvested at the optimal ripeness. Free run juice was fermented and matured in new oak barrels. Fermentation on fine lees resulted that the fruit’s whole fragrance and aroma range evolved. It’s richness represents the terroir, it’s fine details widen the borders of the genre.

Vegan wine

Retail price: € 25,00